He Loves Me Anyway

Sometimes I visualize God and I like the way Lola, my boxer, and I are. When I have her on the leash, she’s good and usually listens to me. Every now and then we have a tug of war about where we are going, but we always end up where we need to be. Some days I have to tug harder than others. There are days when I will let her off the leash while we are outside and she may be good for a little bit but as soon as something gets her attention off she goes. Then I will chase her down and make her get home. Yes, I said make. Trust me, a boxer can be just as hard headed and stubborn as a human can be. Usually she hasn’t gone far but since we live close to a highway, I don’t want to take that chance that she runs out there on the road and someone hits her. She doesn’t think about a car coming barreling down the road, she is just chasing after whatever has her attention at that moment. But I do know what could happen so I want her where she belongs. Even though she takes off away from me, that doesn’t stop me from loving her. I know she’s not perfect but I love her anyway.

I imagine God like that. He knows the dangers of where I’m going when I run away from where He wants me to be. He knows what lays ahead. So He comes after me and brings me back home where I belong. And even though I am far from being perfect, He loves me anyway. Even though I do not deserve His love, He loves me anyway. Thank God He loves me anyway!


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