Death Phase – Learning Phase

Leaving, famine, believing, death, and resurrection. These are the five phases of faith that Lysa TerKeurst talks about in her book “What Happens When Women Walk in Faith”. This was the subject of the last Bible Study that I participated in through Proverbs 31 Ministry. While I identified with every phase, I still struggled with the death phase. Until this evening.

This evening, after writing my blog post Finding Forgiveness, God put it on my heart about a learning phase. So I thought that where my life was concerned, I would look at it as another phase. It would fit in probably after the death phase. After looking at the book again, I thought maybe some would say that it is a part of the believing phase. But God has told me different. My learning phase is my death phase.

The death phase to me had represented when things you wanted to happen have not. What you thought was God’s plan for you really wasn’t. That dream, that plan died. I realized tonight that my death phase is letting my past die. So during this phase I have to learn how to let go of the past, learn how to live for God, learn how to do the things He wants me to do instead of what I want to do, and most important, learn how to wait on God. I have to die to self. I have to let die this desire to win the approval of others. Not to manipulate the situation to get what I want but wait on God. I have to let die the part of me that wants man’s approval and breath life into the part of me that wants to please God.

So my death phase is my learning phase which will lead to a glorious resurrection phase.

*written on the evening of 5/19.


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