Happy Birthday

Today is my birthday! Big 51. I’ve had seven birthdays since I was diagnosed with cancer and that’s great news! Because I had to go through hell on earth to still be here, I don’t mind turning another year older.

What’s more important to me though is the way I’ve handled this day. I didn’t take off from work. I didn’t make any plans to have a party. Knew my boys were struggling with money, plus with their work schedules I knew it would be hard to get together with them. Knew that this evening we had free physicals set up for one of our county high schools. And yep – I worked. Didn’t leave work until after seven. Had 200+ kids there.

Both my boys called and/or text me Happy Birthday and they loved me. My youngest walked my boxer for me since I was going to be late and gave my male chihuahua that has seizures his medicine for the evening. The beginning of the week, one of my coworkers made me a s’mores cheesecake and it was freaking awesome! My parents wished me a happy birthday. Had friends and family blow my facebook up with birthday wishes. People at work wishing me a happy birthday.

So no, I may not have had special plans. To some it may just seem like another day. But in the past it’s a day I would have come home, curled up hugging either my boxer or a pillow, and cried all night because I’m still alone. This time though – I’m blessed beyond words with friends and family that care about me. I’m blessed to serve a risen Savior that loves me and will never leave my side. I’m not alone.

Happy Birthday to me – it’s been an awesome day.


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