Keep Working

Have you ever noticed that whenever we start paying attention to the things we are doing wrong and start making a  conscious effort to not do the wrong thing, that more situations arise that would generally start making us do the wrong thing?

For instance, say someone’s down fall is seeking approval from man. So they start making an effort to not worry about approval from others but worry about doing God’s wil. Then everything they do from that point on receives no notice. Because they aren’t receiving feedback or no one seems to be paying attention to what they are doing, they start questioning if that is really what God is wanting them to do. Granted, some of what they use to do in the past is gone. They aren’t manipulating the situation to make people notice and get themselves noticed. But, they are disappointed and hurt so they are letting that cause them to stop doing what God wants them to do.

The devil knows your weaknesses just as well as God does and he will do whatever he can to stop you from doing God’s will. He doesn’t want your life to have meaning. He doesn’t want you leading others to Christ. So if he can make you doubt yourself and stop you from doing what God wants you to do then he has accomplished what he set out to do. God will not make you doubt yourself. If what you are doing is not what He intended, He will let you know, but it will never be by making you believe less of yourself. God will not put you down.

Stay in His word and keep praying. Keep working through the hurt and rejection you may feel by man because what God has in store is well worth it.


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