Who Was In the Crowd

When you read stories in the Bible, do you ever stop to wonder about the people in the crowd? I do. Not to question what the Bible is telling us, but wondering how the events that played out affected them. Take the story of the adulteress in John 8. I wrote a post one time telling the story from the adulteress point of view. You can find that story here. But I’ve often wondered about the husband. You know that he was probably the one who caught her and started the mob that dragged her down the street. What about after though? When Jesus forgave her, did he make amends? Did he accept her back? (Just don’t get me started on the man that she was with and how he was never mentioned.) Sometimes I close my eyes and try to picture what it was like, what the crowd was like that was witnessing these events.

Have you ever thought about writing down what you think may have happened to someone who was in the crowd when the events of the Bible took place? I think it’s ok. We know these events are true because the Bible is the absolute truth. So take an event and put yourself in the crowd. Now write down and share how you think it affected someone that was watching. Below I’m going to share what I think the husband did. Just remember this is from my perspective so in no way is it to be held as the truth. I’m a sucker for a happy ending.

The Husband’s Story

Really? You want to know how I felt? At first I felt betrayed when I caught her with that other man. By the time I found a ruler and took him to her, that coward had ran away but she was standing there waiting. I knew there would be punishment but in my anger I did not realize that it would be death. Death. I had set my own wife up to be killed. Yes, what she did was wrong but not worthy of death. Honestly, I tried to talk to the ruler, but he was already calling other men over to drag her out. Then I saw her face and knew that she saw me there in the crowd with the men that had her. I never felt so ashamed. I tried to get them to stop but they wouldn’t listen to me. They were excited because they had decided to take her to Jesus. Can you believe that? Take her to the man they said called Himself the Son of God.

As they got closer to the temple, my feet dragged. They felt like they were weighed down with rocks. But I started this and I could not just leave. I had to see it through. My heart was breaking worse than when I found her with that other man. This was not right but I could not make them see that.

When I entered the temple, they had her there on the ground in front of a man I assumed was Jesus and the people were talking to Him. But wait, what is He doing? They had told Him what she had done. But He is kneeling on the ground, writing in the dirt. He is not doing anything. Why is He not giving the final word to stone her? When He stood back up and said to let the first man without sin be the one to throw the first stone, I closed my eyes. I waited to hear her scream. Waited. Waited. But nothing? Cautiously I opened my eyes and Jesus was looking at me. He knew that I was the one who had condemned her and I felt so dirty. Looking around I realized it was just us. And my wife who was still on the ground with her eyes closed. All of her accusers were gone. That is when I realized they were not going to stone her to death.

I could not help it. I felt so ashamed and I knew she would not want to see me, so I took off running. Who could blame her? I tried to have her killed. At least though she was alive but I knew without a shadow of a doubt that our marriage was over. Whatever had caused her to turn to another did not even compare to what I had just done so why she would want to be with me now?

As I stood in our little home, I cried. Cried for the love that we had shared and was no more. Cried for the children that we would never have together. Cried because I felt so ashamed. When I heard someone come in and turned around, I cannot explain to you the joy that was in my heart because she was standing there. My beautiful wife. Then she smiled at me. I do not know what Jesus said to her, but the peace on her face. The joy. The love. I ran to her and held her close trying to convey how sorry I was. All the while in my heart thanking Jesus for what He had done. He saved my family.


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