Virtual Never Neverland

This idea for a blog/maybe something more further down the road has been rolling around in my head for awhile. I’ve even went so far as to write several pages on it but have not done much with it as of late, until this evening when I decided to see if there was actually a definition out there for “Never Neverland.” Much to my surprise, not only were there several sites out there for definitions to never-never land, which is the same thing, but there is also a definition on Merriam-Webster. I was really shocked. While the definition is an imaginary place, my thinking was that since it was an imaginary place, there wouldn’t be an official definition for it.

For my purpose here, I will be writing on Virtual Never Neverland: “Imaginary virtual worlds where people go to escape from the reality of real life” and how to escape.

Those of you who have never lost hours at a time playing internet games or being in a online virtual world, have never felt the allure of logging in so you could be someone you aren’t, looked forward to going shopping with your avatar and friends, spent more time online with your guild buddies than real life friends, then you probably don’t know the true meaning of Virtual Never Neverland. And I hope you never do. It really is an addiction. And just casually saying I’m going to unplug from the internet awhile has no meaning. Especially if the people you have met in these worlds are now some of your closest friends and you have other ways of communicating with each other, like texting, and they can keep you informed of everything that is going on in Virtual Never Neverland until your self imposed timeout is lifted and you can once again log in. You may laugh and say to yourself I would never become like that. It’s pathetic. And you are probably right – in a way. It may be considered pathetic to someone that has never been addicted to online gaming. But there are more people out there than what you think who are more comfortable and happier logging into Virtual Never Neverland’s than what they are surviving in everyday life.

I will say that it is possible to make and become friends with people you meet on the internet – so I hope you don’t think that’s what this is about. Also, I do P31OBS and love those ladies! But, while they are on the internet, it is still REAL. And the few friends that I have stayed friends with after leaving my Virtual Never Neverland, even though they are on the internet, I still consider them friends. The problem with the virtual online worlds/games is when you start spending the majority of your time there – and you want to STAY there. We can rationalize it anyway we want to, but the bottom line is it is not healthy nor is it what God intends for us as His people. Unfortunately, it is still an addiction I struggle with constantly as I face challenges in life. But I know with God leading me, it is an addiction I can win.

So over the next few weeks, months, however long it takes, I’ll be writing about Virtual Never Neverland and the struggle to end my love affair with it. Pray for me as I try to be obedient to what God would have me to do and say.


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