Breast Cancer Awareness Month

My goal for this October is to post several stories about my fight with breast cancer. I dedicate all of these posts to those that have lost their fight to BC, those who are still fighting, and the ones who are now cancer free. We are survivors!

In the summer of 2008, just a couple months after I had started my chemo and had lost my hair, this comment was made to me: “Well, if you had to get cancer at least you got one that was curable.” That comment has stayed with me and caused me to be angry for seven years. This October I’m letting go of that anger but I want to educate people on the reality of breast cancer. It is NOT curable. Cancer free is what we are, but like other cancers, you live with the knowledge that there is possibly a cancer cell somewhere in your body laying dormant waiting for the opportunity to wake up and grow. The difference between you and someone who hasn’t had cancer? You know the hell on earth you went through to become and remain cancer free. So every year you celebrate the fact that God brought you through and you morn those who have lost their lives to cancer.

We do not ever need to become complacent about breast cancer or any type of cancer until it really is wiped out. Lung cancer and breast cancer are the two top killers of women and this needs to stop! So this October support pink and breast cancer awareness. Go get your mammograms done and encourage your loved ones to do the same. Let’s band together and fight back against breast cancer!

#supportpink #breastcancer #wipeoutbreastcancer #survivor


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