I’m sorry if I met you and never shared Jesus’ love for you.

I’m sorry if you never saw Jesus’ love in me.

I’m sorry if you did see or did hear but chose not to believe.

I’m sorry if you believe there is no God because you think a God wouldn’t allow people to suffer.

I’m sorry if you mistakenly believe that you will have time to accept Jesus after you get done living life your way.

Why am I sorry? Because I would rather accept Jesus and the promise of Heaven and change my life to reflect that, then to live with the belief that after this life there is nothing. This is it. Whether it’s good or bad, this is all you have. If this is what you believe, I can’t imagine how sad your life is. And if I did nothing to encourage you to think about your decision, then I would be even more sorry.

If this life is it – no promise of something better, then how can someone who hasn’t had that good of a life keep going on?

What about the person who can’t get ahead, who is beat down at every turn? They have nothing to look forward to as their days go by with nothing going right.

What about the teenager who gets bullied in school, day after day, with no one to stand up for them? Their parents care more about their drug buy than them. They are told there is no God because if there was then their life wouldn’t be like this. So live with it. They have nothing to look forward to.

What about the young man just out of school who thinks he has time to make something of himself and suddenly told he only has a few months to live? This man whose parents raised him to believe there was no God. To enjoy life and make the most of it. He has nothing to look forward to.

These people haven’t had a life they are proud of on earth and they have nothing to look to. Nothing they believe in.

But what about that person who has everything? Life is good, money is good, relationship is good. Nothing could go wrong. Why believe in something good after you die when you have everything good right now? Then that person is dropped to the floor by a sharp pain shooting down left arm. Nothing can be done. Everything that person lived for gone.

Then there’s the woman that had failed relationship after relationship. But she would not believe in a God that killed her child. She would make it. And she does. Things start to look up. Right guy with plenty of money. Then there’s that lump. The one she tried to ignore. Finally checks it out and gets told the cancer has spread. There’s nothing they can do. She has only a short time left. This life was all she had and now it’s going to be gone. But she doesn’t believe so what does she have to look forward to? Darkness.

The saddest though is the teenagers. They believe there is a God – there’s just time to get to know Him later. Not right now. It will cramp their style. Joyriding. Missed stop sign. Crash with a semi-truck. Four lives gone in a second. Never having that chance to make their life right.

For those that don’t believe – I’m sorry. And I feel sorry for you.

All you have is this life and no matter how hard you convince yourself that you are in control, you aren’t. Things can change in a minute. In a second and everything can be gone. You could be gone. Whether your life is good or bad, whether you’re happy or sad, young or old – if you do not believe then all you have to look forward to is darkness. Closing your eyes and – nothing.

That would scare me to death.

So I’m sorry you believe that way. That you don’t know how it feels to know you have a home waiting. Where you will feel no pain. Where you will see loved ones again. Where there will be no darkness, no evil, no sorrow.

I’m sorry you don’t know what faith is – the faith to believe that God exists even though He allows evil to run rampart on this earth right now. But I know without a doubt that the day will come when evil will be destroyed.

I’m sorry that you don’t know what love is – the kind of love that God has for us to send His Son to die so we don’t have to.

I’m sorry you see the sickness and evil in this world and think that God is supposed to make it all go away right now.

I’m sorry that you are one of the ones that believe that everything is supposed to go right all the time if you believe. God never promised that. When you accept Jesus as your Savior, nowhere does it say that He will become your genie and make all your wishes come true. Nowhere does it say that you’ll become invincible and not suffer.

I’m sorry that you chose the pleasures of this world instead of choosing the pleasures God has waiting.

I’m sorry that you have not accepted Him.

I’m sorry I’ll be in Heaven and you won’t.

I’m sorry.



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