Friday, 4/22/16, Ramblings of a Single Middle Age Woman


So, before I sign off to go to bed, I feel the need for us to get completely honest.  Deep breath. Here goes. I love to color. Now don’t you dare tell me I’m the only one. It’s Friday. Be honest. You like to color too.

Tell me though why the idea of adults coloring is just NOW becoming cool and acceptable. It’s therapy I’m told. Yeah right. Tell that to my best friend who gets stressed out because she can’t stay in the lines. To me it’s fun and in a way reminds me a little of my childhood. Either way I think it’s something that should have been accepted by society before now. So now I own four (yes I said FOUR) adult coloring books and tons of markers, crayons, and colored pencils. I’m in heaven. I can’t draw worth a crap and I’m not good at staying in lines but that’s ok. I love COLOR! And I love to color.

Something else that’s become a hobby of mine in the last year is journaling. Actually, it’s something I’ve done on and off now over the years but I’ve really stuck with it this last year.  Almost ordered a Bible that was a Journaling and a coloring Bible but it was continuously sold out so I’ve put that off for awhile. Instead ordered just a Journaling Bible and received it last week and I love it!! (Can you use love this many times in a blog post?) Honestly. I highly recommend it to anyone who might be thinking about getting a Journaling Bible.

Knowing that I love to color and journal, I had a friend who put together a coloring journal that she is giving away if you subscribe to her blog. My first thought was – a free coloring journal!! After I downloaded it and printed it, I was like free?? This is so good you could be selling it. But she knows that God wanted her to share this with her readers and I’m glad she is. This journal has 7 days of Journaling and coloring with scripture verses included on each page and a prayer on the Journaling page. I love the idea and applaud her talent for creating this beautiful, inspiring journal and sharing it with her readers.  Unfortunately I am NOT that talented so I will not be offering something like this. What I will do is tell you where you can go to get yours.
Trust me – you’ll love it because we are being honest here and admit we like to color!

So this middle age woman is signing off for the night to go read my Bible before bed. Good night and God Bless.


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